• Painting Fruits and Light 1

    Started with drawing with chalk on black gesso canvas. Paint the light on the table, fruits, plates and teapot.

  • Painting Fruits and Light 2

    I use mainly dioxazine purple, cobalt violet hue, red light for the grapes. Yellow and cadmium orange, pyrrole red for the other fruits.

  • Painting Fruits and Light 3

    The oak table pattern is done with brushstrokes using mainly cadmium orange mix with dioxazine purple, nickel azo gold mix with white.

  • Painting Blue Heron 1

    I drew with chalk, outline with no detail. First paint the main subjects: the blue heron, trees and plants.Add in the water reflections of the trees.

  • Painting Blue Heron 2

    Paint the ripples and light reflected in the water.

  • Painting Blue Heron 3

    Add more highlight with white mixture and color glazes. In Deep Thoughts, accepted into the Small Painting Show, 2016, Federation of Canadian Artists. Sold.

  • Painting Dogwood

    With chalk, I loosely draw the plan out the Dogwood Tree and begin painting the white flowers with white and a mix of orange, yellow and light green.

  • Painting Dogwood 2

    Continuing from Step 1 : The leaves are then painted using a mixture of yellow green and orange. Fill in the background with blue, white and orange for the clouds.

    "Against the Bright Blue Sky", 36"x12" on canvas, was accepted into the Oil and Water Juried Exhibition, 2016. Sold.

  • Painting Rooster

    Draw Rooster on paper or canvas. Add the dark value of the rooster and the background which is a flowering bush in the garden.

  • Painting Rooster

    Add layers of acrylic paint for the bird and flowers. This rooster painting is 8" x 6" in a 10" x 8" frame. It is accepted into the annual mail-in art show in the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery. June 20 to July 3, 2016. Painting Sold.

  • Painting Elephants

    I transferred the image from the photo with the help of grid lines and using chalk onto the black gesso canvas. Then add layers of acrylic paint. Here is the painting of elephants in process.

  • Painting Elephants

    Here is the finished painting of "Love the Elephants", acrylic on canvas, 11" x 14".

    My color palette: white, dioxazine purple, nickel azo gold, iron oxide, burnt umber and others.

    Brighten the leaves and grass with glaze of yellow. Glaze the elephants with azo gold and iron oxide.